As I already mentioned and you probably already know if you’re a fan of Gabbys, the band is no longer active. However, she and her husband and former band mate Stephen Eliss are currently working on a new album, all on their own. Fans can support the band by making a donation on their Patreon page.

Support Gabbys new project on Patreon

Times being what they are, it can be very difficult for a band to make a breakthrough on the scene. With high competition on all sides, making a name for yourself can be very challenging. It takes money to write, record, release and promote a new album.

That is why Gabby started a Patreon campaign where people can donate money for each new song that they record. There is already quite the support that fans have shown on Patreon. I’ve done my part, and if you haven’t heard of the campaign, you should check them out and make a donation yourself. Both Gabby and Stephen are amazing musicians and what’s more important, they are amazing people, and you should really show them some love. If you’re not convinced about making a donation, here is Gabby herself talking about how much she appreciates the support that they got on previous crowd funding campaigns that the band had for the release of their third album. Also there’s a cool music set afterwards, don’t miss that out.