Youtube is a great place to find music from our favorite band. Whenever I feel down I visit Gabbys’ channel and just listen to songs she posted there for all of us to enjoy. Today I’d like to share with you an acoustic version of one of my favorite songs, “Male Version Of Me”, performed none other than Gabby Young herself.

“Male Version Of Me” live performance

This song has a weird title, but it makes sense once you hear the lyrics. Gabby here talks about finding that special someone that all girls are looking for, who’s basically a male version of us, get it? Key to a healthy relationship is being compatible with the other person, having things in common, your interests in the other man or woman, depending on your taste. That’s what she means when she sings “Male Version Of Me”.

Live performance also shows the amazing costume design skills that Gabby has. I think she did the costumes of the entire band when they were active. Costumes are almost as good as the music. Checkout the song by clicking on the video I linked above. There are others from the band that can be found on YouTube. I’ll post some of them here as time goes on. Thanks and I hope you enjoy the music.