If so far you’ve only listened to the music made by Gabby Young & Other Animals, but you never saw an actual interview with the band, then you’re in luck. Today I’d like to present to you almost half an hour long interview with Stephen Eliss and Gabby Young. They are both very important part of the band, and FaceCulture channel on YouTube made an interview to get the know band a bit better.

Interview with Stephen Eliss and Gabby Young

First out of 4 videos can be seen on the image above. Entire interview has been broken down into 4 videos, each around 5 minutes long. In the first video Gabby and Stephen talk about how they met, what the first song that they made was and things like that. I don’t want to ruin the rest of the interview for you, but let’s just say that they get into some juicy stuff.

If you’re not aware of this, Gabby and Stephen were, are, the main lyricists behind the band. They are the core members that can always be found there. Other supporting musicians might change, but Gabby and Stephen are always there. Now you can have a listen what they have to say about the band. Cheers.