When it comes to music there is no doubt that Gabby Young & Other Animals are pretty amazing. Their ability to mix a large number of genres is just amazing. However there is another aspect of Gabby Youngs that I really like, which is worth pointing out, her skill as a costume designer.

By looking at these pictures you can see that Gabby likes the color red. Her designs are usually very cheerful, with other bright colors like green, yellow, orange, etc. She also uses a lot of feathers, leafs and scales in her designs.

While they were active, I’m pretty sure that Gabby designed the outfits of the entire band. They all looked quite amazingly good at their gigs, with matching outfits and all. Gabby actually has a special Twitter profile where she’s active and posts the designs that she’s currently working on.

I suggest that you follow that profile of hers as well, because that’s where her other arts and crafts works get posted. One day I’ll be as crafty as this and be able to create a dress of my own, or at the very least mix and match clothes properly. That’s it for now. I’ll keep you posted if anything new props up with the band or if I find any new cool songs. Cheerio.