About me

My name is Kaylee Mitchell and I’m the owner of this website that you’re on. As you can probably guess, I’m a huge fan of the wacky style of music that Gabby Young & Other Animals are offering. Currently I live and work in London, but I’m originally from Newcastle. I went to college in London, fell in love with the city, the music scene and I stayed here. Gabby Young & Other Animals I discovered while in my last years at school. I went on their live shows with my friends and completely fell in love with the band.

Right away after graduation I managed to find a job in a marketing agency, who shall not be named. I’m a videographer, but I do all sorts of odd jobs. In the hopes of getting Gabby’s and the bands attention, I decided to start this website, so that they still have support from their fans. Hopefully it will be enough for them to come back to at least do a couple of shows. Well that’s it, a short brief about me. You’ll find more info about the band itself on the homepage. Thanks and cheers.