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Hello and welcome to fan made web pages of the most interesting music band that have come out of England in the recent years, Gaby Logan & Other Animals. If you haven’t heard of them, I wouldn’t be surprised honestly. They were not a well know group when they were together, and now that they went on a hiatus, there’s even less chance for you to come in contact with their music. What made this band interesting in my book is their unique ability to mix together genres that would normally be impossible to mix. We’re talking jazz, rock, folk and even a hint of gypsy music could be detected in Gabby Young & Other Animals’ music. Their use of advanced recording techniques for their music videos, using in some cases even drones with long flight time, are also worth noting. These are the little things that make a band standout that untrained eye wouldn’t catch easily. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be professional pilot to fly a drone.. it’s really easy and you’ll soon figure it out. There are many drones for beginners, here’s great list from DronesGlobe. Just keep in mind that you have to register your drone with FAA (if you’re from USA).

So who am I and what makes me qualified to say that this band is such a great band. Well my name is Kaylee Mitchell and I’m a professional videographer. In my spare time I watch a lot of TV, and I listen to music. At my job I spend a lot of time around advanced video recording equipment and I have to use advanced video editing tools like Adobe Premier. Naturally my interest in videography expanded since my childhood and college years to cover all things tech. I’m surrounded with the usual, iPhones, Macbooks, Apple Watch. Then there’s also the slightly unusual items like hoverboards, smart kettles (that hookup to phone via BT) and even electric skateboard as of late, which was a gift from my boyfriend. He saw one on YouTube and thought I would like it and I have to say I do. Anyway, those are the credentials that I think are enough for me to commend Gaby Young and her band on their music video quality.

Gabby Young & Other Animals music

Music that the band makes is diverse and unique, like I already said. They released three album, several singles, EPs and song covers during the time that they were active. Band genre is described as pop, but they were highly experimental in their music, making it very difficult to assign a specific genre. Gabby for example has a soaring cabaret voice that’s an absolute pleasure to listen. Their use of instruments like the violin and accordion give their song folksy and gypsy feel to them. Some of the band members are jazz musicians, like Ollie Hopkins for example, so that too can be detected in the bands music.

Gabby and her husband Stephen are avid guitar players. Both of them play the guitars in the band, which again bring rock influences. This is all without mentioning the wide selection of random instruments that they use in individual songs. Like I said, they are offering a pretty wide range of music, which is what originally drew me to them. I do listen to other artists, but what drew me to Gabby’s and all the other guys are their endearing and professionally made music scores, excellently made videos for their songs and great band chemistry that they had.

Their albums were all released by Gabbys own record label, “Gift Of The Gab Records”. First one was released way back in 2009 called “We’re All In This Together”. This was probably their most famous album. In 2012 the band released their second album titled “The Band Called Out For More”. Two years after their second album, in 2014, their third and final album was released, “One Foot In Front Of The Other”. Total of 5 singles were released from these three albums. The most famous one are probably “We’re All In This Together” and “Ones That Got Away”. Entire second album that the band published can be streamed for free from Bandcamp.

Current projects

Like I already mentioned, the band is currently on a hiatus, at least I hope it’s just a hiatus. Each of the band members have moved on and focused on their own careers. Main star Gabby and her husband have together been working on a new album using support from Patreon patrons. You can find their profile over here. If you’re a fan you can make a pledge and enjoy in new music of theirs as soon as they release some. Gabby and Stephen have a system where patrons are charged for each new song they release.

Other band members have scattered about into the London music scene as backing musicians for local bands. Going forward it is my hope to see the band members come together to at the very least play a couple of shows together. Not sure what the chances are for them to make another album together, or would that be asking too much. For now we can enjoy in all the music that they’ve created together and also in the new stuff that Gabby is working on with her husband.

I’ll use this website not only as a tribute to the past works published by Gabby Young & Other Animals, but also as a news hub for all things related to this great band. I’m sure that there are other fans out there who would like to know what is going on behind the scenes. Well stay tuned to this website and never miss a beat, ha.